Celine Yan
Product Design Intern @ Facebook.
Previously @ Drift, Microsoft, and Zipcar.
I am a junior undergrad studying Computer Science and Design major at Northeastern University, and I'm interested in all things design and tech: my career interests lie in Product Design and designing for social good.
Product Designer Intern
Designing security features with the Authenticator Team and Outlook Mobile Team at the Garage Program in Redmond, WA.

**As this is an NDA-protected work, there is no case study available online.**
UX Designer Co-op Case Study
Redesigned Zipcar's entire UK London Presales site, which is now live!
Saltwater Classroom
Product Designer @ Scout
Worked with a local client to rebrand and design an app to provide oceanlife education across coast-to-coast elementary and middle schools in the US and Mexico.
My Footprint App
Product Designer @ Turning Green
Designing the UI of My Footprint, an app that helps users keep track of their carbon footprint and take on environmental challenges to live a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.
Penny Juice
A Website Redesign
Assessing an existing website based on the 5 Planes of UX and redesigning it with an improved user experience and interface.
AR in the MBTA
Augmented Reality Design Case Study
Projecting Augmented Reality as a solution to enhance art in public train stations in Boston, MA.

Personally designed and developed with