Celine Yan
Aspiring Product Designer for Social Good 💭
Previously designed at Facebook, Drift, Microsoft, and Zipcar ⚡
I am a junior undergrad studying Computer Science and Design at Northeastern University, and I'm interested in all things design and tech: my career interests lie in Product Design and designing for social good.
Product Design Intern (Summer 2020)
One of the three designers on the Internationalization team. Redesigned the internal end-to-end experience where all Facebook products begin localizing and translating features.

Please note: There is no case study available online, as this is NDA-protected work.
Product Design Intern (Spring 2020)
Drove designs for Drift Video during Q2 2020, and shipped two high-impact features to the Drift Video Bot 🤖.
Product Design Intern (Summer 2019)
Designing security features with the Authenticator Team and Outlook Mobile Team at the Garage Program in Redmond, WA.

Please note: There is no case study available online, as this is NDA-protected work.
UX Design Co-op (Spring 2019)
Redesigned Zipcar's entire UK London Presales site, which is now live!
My Footprint App
Product Designer @ Turning Green (Summer 2018)
Designing the UI of My Footprint, an app that helps users keep track of their carbon footprint and take on environmental challenges to live a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.
Penny Juice
A Website Redesign
Assessing an existing website based on the 5 Planes of UX and redesigning it with an improved user experience and interface.
AR in the MBTA
Augmented Reality Design Case Study
Projecting Augmented Reality as a solution to enhance art in public train stations in Boston, MA.

Personally designed and developed with